I Needed a Private Ride for the Airport

When I needed to get a limo to pick someone up at the airport, my friend suggested that I visit http://platinumpartybus.ca to look at the fleet that they have. I could tell that it was a party bus site, but I figured they also had regular cars and limos too. When I saw the stretch limo that holds up to ten people, I knew that it was the one that I wanted. The pictures that I was able to look at online is really what made the choice so easy to pick out.

The car itself looks very elegant on the outside, but the inside of the limo is what truly tells the story of this luxurious ride. The windows offer a very clear yet private view of the sights outside. The seating looks very comfortable and quite spacious too. There is plenty of legroom, even if the occupants are larger like one of the ones in the group that I was getting at the airport. It also has a good deal of privacy not only from other cars but from the driver as well. Some of the cars did not have that, which is the reason I really liked this stretch limo option.

Another reason I liked it is because there is a full bar on one side of the limo. The group I was picking up would definitely be ready for a drink, and I was happy that I would be able to give them that in the limo rather than stopping somewhere as soon as they got here. I wanted to talk with them right off the plane, and this was simply the best option for that. After our lengthy talk, I had the driver take us to a restaurant so we could have a celebration lunch on some of the things we had decided in the limo!

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